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Far Financial Services Limited is an investment banking and private capital group. Through our group of companies we provide a range of services:

  1. Capital (Equity) raising
  2. Debt Raising
  3. General investment banking and advisory services, including input to strategy and process
  4. Finding and creating investment opportunities
  5. Selling investments - both directly and via distribution channels.
  6. Private Capital funds management

Formed in 1987, we are an established independent financier & investment banker.

Our prime focus is working closely with growing businesses and professional investors trying to find respectively solutions and transactions appropriate to their individuals needs, . This mainly involves us in building and selling investment proposals to fund a given financial transaction, with us generally having had input in to the structuring of the business and/or the transaction.

Our significant points of differentiation are:

  • our ability to generate and implement creative solutions to both business and funding issues;
  • our ability to generate transactions as well as respond to approaches,
  • small, lean highly responsive team.

Whilst based in New Zealand and having a significant focus on domestic funding solutions and investment opportunities, our international contacts reach across the Pacific and beyond. Our team is small but has an extensive range of out of house associated skills which are drawn on as necessary.


As a financial transaction structurer, business advisor, funder and private capital funds manager we maintain contact with an extensive range of people & organisations, arranging transactions for or presenting transactions to them that meet their defined requirements. There are three elements to our contact base:

  • Business contacts - organisations or individuals that need money, advice or input to assist them with a specific transaction or ongoing activity; and
  • Finance / investor contacts - parties who have finance available and are looking for opportunities in which to participate.
  • Financial product distributor - being independent we are able to create public and private capital raisings and distribute these through a wide range of parties who have significant investor bases.

We structure financial transactions and investment opportunities either by responding to approaches or by developing and promoting our own proposals. That is:

  • we react as finance arranger to satisfy the stated requirements (debt, equity, advice, structuring) of transactions or activities that our business contacts bring to us; and/or
  • on other occasions we pro-actively identify transactions ourselves and structure transactions which we take to our contacts;
  • sometimes we take a financial position in a transaction.
Our Market

We concentrate predominantly on transaction opportunities derived in New Zealand. However, many have a global reach and some originate or are based outside New Zealand.

New Zealanders justifiably enjoy a reputation for producing concepts ahead of the world. We at Far Financial Services are excited by new ideas and working with those who produce them, applying our minds to the opportunity, often expanding the original idea.

We provide practical solutions on how to structure and progress opportunities together with the ability to introduce a workable mix of debt and equity and/or introduce other parties who can add to the strategic development in various ways.

Standard Terms of Trade

Our standard terms of trade apply to all dealings. A copy can be viewed here or will be supplied at our first meeting.

You should note that this covers how we deal with confidentiality, forming contracts, email exchanges, deemed arrangements, payment and supply of information.