What we provide


Transactions such as capital raisings, acquisitions or divestments are often significant steps for the stakeholders in a business. There are often a broad range of issues involved, including financial, strategic and in many private companies personal.

Far Financial Services specialises in working with companies from both a strategic and financial point of view, to help realise the full potential of your venture or business. We understand the issues arising from changes to a business, especially the demands which arise from growth and the need for new capital.

If you are seeking funds, entering into a significant transaction or require strategic advice, we invite you to contact us. Initially we need some information which will help us assess what you are proposing. To assist in this process we have available a standard client information form.

What We Provide

Far Financial Services is able to help you and/or your business by providing advisory services and/or by raising funds be that debt, equity or a mix of both.

Our advisory services often include initial work with you and/or your business to identify means of growing or stabilising your business, what the best or most feasible form of funding is and what structure should be utilized to raise that funding.

Generally our fund raising and advisory services fall into the following broad categories:


>   financial structuring and restructuring
>   structure for mergers, acquisitions, divestments
>   facilitation of mergers, acquisitions, divestments
>   general commercial strategy and facilitation


>   placements via private memorandum
>   prospectus based public offers
>   joint ventures


>   primary secured lending
>   secondary, subordinated and mezzanine finance
>   one off transaction finance