Our Approach

The following flow-charts demonstrate how we approach certain tasks.


Identify or develop the opportunity and agree what is needed

  1. debt;
  2. equity;
  3. advice including structuring or restructuring of the opportunity;
  4. some mixture of the above

From preliminary analysis, decide whether or not we feel we can carry through the transaction in a timely and cost effective manner.

If so, and if mandate terms can be agreed, execute mandate and proceed.

Debt & Equity

We need to fully understand the opportunity. This may require financial modeling or re-modeling of the business through our standard models and often requires developing or amending a funding proposal from an existing business or finance plan.

We proceed as follows:

Discuss draft document with client. If in agreement, proceed as follows:


In some situations we accept a position purely in an advisory role.

Typically, advisory requests fall into three main categories:

  • acquisitions (agreed purchases, takeovers, management buy-outs)
  • start ups
  • divestments
  • mergers
  • re-structuring for funding growth, creditor and/or predator protection
  • defensive positioning
  • recapitalising
  • Advice on structures, strategies, methods and funding

The work flow generally is as follows:

Tasks and Renumeration

The first process is to understand the situation in detail. Such analysis can be complex and it is fair to say that every transaction requires the careful, individual examination we provide.

The funders we can introduce have varying requirements concerning acceptable risk levels and we grade each debt or equity request to match them. Therefore, we can give parties on each side of a transaction a service which is suited to their needs in a timely manner.

Since there are few transactions which are identical, our fees are not capable of being standardised. We will examine the situation and agree the fee structure applicable to you at the start, when establishing an engagement.