What We Need


We generally need some initial information from which to make an assessment of the opportunity - to assist in this process we have available a standard client information form.

This form has three parts.

  • FIRSTLY -  who you are, the name of your business or idea and your contact information.
  • SECONDLY -  some background information on your proposed transaction, ie what it is you are trying to achieve.
  • THIRDLY  -  you should supply a short summary of your business, what it needs and why.

    This should include:
    1. A description of your product and/or service;
    2. A history of you or your company;
    3. Your vision and/or business strategy;
    4. An overview of your market and any competitors you may have knowledge of;
    5. High level summary information regarding past financial performance, future projections and current financial structure; and
    6. Proposed investment size and structure.

Please complete and forward this to us either by fax or email to info@far.co.nz . If you need assistance to present some of the initial information required for our preliminary assessment, for a moderate fee we will provide such preliminary help.

We look forward to receiving your information and reviewing your opportunity with you.

If there is agreement to proceed thereafter we will send you a proposed engagement letter setting out our role and remuneration and your obligations.